• Brian Weinstein

Bonus Episode: Post Brexit, part deux. Shipping into the EU

Last week we discussed shipping into the UK, but what about the EU? Is there a difference? Back by popular demand, Shaun King, of KINGS VAT LTD, joins us for a bonus episode to explain. We’ll cover the difference between B2B/B2C sales, VAT implications, cost of compliance, return drawbacks, and how this is affecting markets across the pond. 01:50: Shipping into the EU vs UK, what is the biggest difference? 05:00: Selling into retailers vs D2C

09:00: VAT EU and Custom Duties 13:30: How is all of this affecting the EU/UK markets? 18:20: The cost of compliance 21:00: Returns: drawing back VAT 25:00: Homework, homework, homework

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